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I majored in art at the University of Georgia then LIFE, as it so often does, happened. 40 years later, retired from teaching drafting, art, residential design, photography, digital multi-media production and technology education, I picked up a good point and shoot digital camera and reclaimed my artist status.

I’m an opportunistic photographer…always looking for my next “favorite” image to come out of the camera. I’m inspired by just being out of doors and near nature . Ever since I learned to sail, I’ve been passionate about all things nautical. Living along the coast of Georgia, where we still have undeveloped barrier islands, I have plenty of nature's offerings to explore. An international sea port town and nearby the Atlantic Inter-coastal Waterway provide me with a variety of boats and ships for photographic subjects.

I am not a purist when comes to my photography philosophy. Just like the earliest photographers used every trick they could imagine to explore the possibilities of of their new invention, I try to match my skills, creativity and resources to the subject at hand. So I hope you won't underestimate what I might try next.

FYI my maiden name was Laura McLaughlin

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